Get to Know a Sightbox Member: Sara

SPOILER ALERT: You don’t have to choose between glasses and contacts. As much as we love contact lenses (and we love them a lot), we also know your vision care is a personal choice and should reflect you. We’ll never tell you to choose between putting a piece of silicone in your eyeball or rocking some dope cat-eye frames because life is rich enough for both.

Our members know it, too. We’re happy to introduce you to one of our members who puts health not just at the center of her own life, but at her co-worker’s and family’s lives too. Meet Sara.


Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am the lucky mother of two wonderful little boys, Gavin is 3 and Elliott is 1 and a half.  I have been married to my best friend, Taylor, going on six years.  My favorite place to be is at our house in the mountains, making s’mores at our fire pit with the kids and trying my husband’s amazing craft brews.

Where do you live?  What is your community like?

I live in a small town about 30 miles outside of Albuquerque, NM called Edgewood.  I was raised in Edgewood and lived in Albuquerque for a while after high school.  We decided to move back out here [to Edgewood] so our kids could have a similar experience to ours while my husband Taylor finished college.

I love painting when I get the chance, I like making things for our house, I just made some planters with fake flowers to put next to our front door. (Thank you Pinterest). I enjoy trying craft brews and seeing if I can identify what I am tasting and relaying that info to my husband who is in the process of opening a microbrewery.  My family is amazing.  My boys are a blast to be around and I seriously think my husband could have a career as a stand-up comedian.  These three boys, plus our three dogs (which are also all boys) keep me on my toes at all times.

What is an average day like for you?

Most of my days are spent working in my office or on the job site trying to keep all the employees here safe so that they can go home to their families in one piece.  I love doing safety and compliance and I really enjoy sharing my knowledge with the team here so that they know how to protect themselves from any hazards on the job they may encounter.  I am extremely lucky that my kids are in a daycare that we have at work, and that my husband is also a manager here.  Every day, the four of us have lunch together and talk about our plans for after work and the weekend.

Can you give us the highlights of your vision story?

I started wearing contacts when I was 13, before that I was in glasses, so I don’t think I need to express just how excited I was to ditch the purple frames I had been wearing and finally rock some shades.  My experience with contacts has pretty great for the most part, and I am very glad to have them.  I still mix it up between my glasses and contacts mostly to match my mood and fashion tastes for the day.  

Speaking of fashion tastes, we noticed that you have tattoos.  What does your art mean to you? 

I love getting tattoos. I like having a piece of art forever stuck to me that reminds me of a certain time in my life.  So far I have about 10 separate pieces but I hope to get some more in the near future.  I am sure anyone with tattoos can relate to me saying I have endless plans and ideas for pieces I want to get.  My most recent one which is a lotus flower on my lower bicep I actually won in a drawing from the tattoo artist I go to most of the time here in New Mexico.

Share your story

We’ve had so much fun learning about Sara and Denise (last month’s feature) that we were inspired to spotlight one of our members each month to share on our community blog and member newsletter.  We would love for you to be a part of it, so please contact us if you think it would be fun to share.

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