How Do Eye Exams Work?

Two of the most common types of annual appointments you make for your health are your annual physical and your annual teeth cleaning. But if you’re not adding annual eye exams into this mix, you’re not doing yourself any favors. Why? Because… wait for it… Everyone needs an annual, comprehensive eye exam. Your sight tends […]

What Do Contacts Even Do…?

Y’know, after a while of living with all this futuristic technology, we just take things for granted. For instance: contact lenses. How the hell do these things work? Does anyone know? We just pop these bits of silicone in our eyes and go about life as usual. But aside from being slightly magical, there’s a […]

Your Contact Lens Fears Debunked

If you’ve ever attended a new school for the first time, chances are you felt terrified af—so many unknowns lurking around every corner. For a new contact lens wearer, this is pretty familiar territory. But fear not, we’re here to subdue your soul and show you there’s nothing to fear about contacts but fear itself. […]



If you’ve ever sat through your company’s HR presentation scratching your head at what the heck the difference is between a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and a Health Savings Account (HSA), you’re not alone. Because Sightbox accepts FSA and HSA as a form of membership payment, we’ve become well versed in all things pre-tax savings […]